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RF Engineer wanted.


  • Design RF and microwave circuitry for frequency synthesis products from 50 MHz up to 9 GHz.
  • Support existing products by assembling prototypes and testing.
  • Hands-on bench experience with DDS, dual loop, wideband, fast switching synthesizers.


  • BSEE with minimum of 4 years experience in designing and/or testing RF components.
  • Understanding of RF frequency synthesis including direct and indirect synthesis techniques.
  • Laboratory skills including assembling and testing PC boards with 0402 size surface mount components.
  • Working knowledge with Microsoft office tools, AutoCAD, and RF computer aided design and layout software.
  • Ability to work with other engineers in a fast-paced environment designing, troubleshooting and testing custom products.
  • Basic understanding of analog and digital interfacing circuits including OP Amps and digital hardware.
  • Flexible attitude in working several job functions including design engineering, application engineering and manufacturing engineering typical to small company environment
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