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Select Product Type

  Clock Oscillator     VCXO     TCXO     OCXO     VCO

  Nominal Frequency: MHz   Tolerance @ 25℃   ± PPM

 Stability over temperature:  ±PPM   Aging per Year:  ± PPM

Phase Noise 100Hz: -dBc    1KHz:-dBc     10KHz:-dBc

                   Jitter:+/- pSec    Over Samples 

Select Output

CMOS    Sine-Wave    Clip-Sine        ECL       PECL

Level:             Load:


VCXO Requirements:

Frequency control range:+/-PPM    Sensitivity:PPM/Volt   

F-nom input:Volt    Input range: +/-Volt    Input Impedance: kOhms

    Linearity: %           Bandwidth: kHz


Power Requirements

VCC: Volt  Maximum current: mA   Frequency v. 5%VCC change:PPM


Select Package:       Select Mounting:

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