General Electronic Devices

General Electronic Devices

Clock Oscilators, PLL Synthesizers, Crystals, VCO, DRO, VTO, CRO OCXO, TCXO

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New Portable Signal Generator

GED completed development of a portable RF Signal Generator Ranging from 1 to 2 GHz with 100kHz Resolution. The generator is fully PC-programmable and features programmable pre-set frequencies, amplitude control, disable outputs, automatic reference detect and many other features making it extremely versatile. This is the newest member of our diverse family of frequency sythesizers.

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General Electronic Devices
Manufacturer of quartz crystals and oscillators

Dear Valued Customer,

General Electronic Devices, GED, is a high quality, high volume manufacturer of standard and custom electronic devices such as VCOs, OCXOs, VCXOs, TCXOs, VCTCXOs, DROs, Frequency Translators, Synthesizers, Microwave Amplifiers, Clock Oscillators and Crystals. The frequency spectrum of our devices covers the range from 30Hz to 26GHz.

With headquarters in Southern California, GED is an international company serving customers worldwide. GED delivers an unbeatable combination of high quality, low cost and outstanding service. To exceed our customers expectations is the driving force behind GED's business philosophy. We can supply standard and custom design products in any quantity to any delivery schedule.

GED has designed and manufactured millions of frequency sources, quartz devices and amplifiers. We have highly defined the material specifications, fabrication, calibration and testing procedures for all our products in order to produce the highest standards of performance and quality. GED supplies standard and custom components to the commercial industry as well as for use in process control, industrial, marine, aerospace, industrial and military applications.

GED's engineering and design team can reproduce and/or retrofit any special or custom VCO, OCXO, VCXO, or TCXO devices ‹old or new‹to form, fit and function of the original specification.This means that if your need is to replace an obsolete or no longer available part, GED can provide it.

Put GED on your team and you'll get over 100 years of combined engineering and design expertise, along with extensive application experience, to work for you‹free. Our mission is to help you solve design problems, take the risk out of new opportunities and just do things better.

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Phone:(760) 591-4170
(760) 591-4095
Fax:(760) 591-4164
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