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New Portable Signal Generator

GED completed development of a portable RF Signal Generator Ranging from 1 to 2 GHz with 100kHz Resolution. The generator is fully PC-programmable and features programmable pre-set frequencies, amplitude control, disable outputs, automatic reference detect and many other features making it extremely versatile. This is the newest member of our diverse family of frequency sythesizers.

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Frequency synthesis is the generation of a frequency or frequencies which are exact multiples of a reference frequency. Usually the reference frequency is very precise and the synthesized frequencies are selectable over some range of whole-numbered multiples of a submultiple of the reference; that is the reference frequency is given by:

ƒOUT = nƒREF ⁄ M

where n and M are integers, n varies from Nmin to Nmax and M is constant. The reference frequency, ƒREF, is typically a precision frequency source such as a crystal oscillator or a rubidium reference.

Synthesizer Types

There are basically three different types of synthesizers: direct, indirect and direct digital synthesis (DDS). Direct synthesis is when the reference signal is manipulated by summing and multiplying with mixers, dividers and multipliers. Indirect synthesis is when a voltage controlled oscillator is phase locked to a reference. DDS is when a signal is digitally constructed and processed through an digital-to-analog converter. GED offers all three types of synthesizers.

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